Health Science

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Health Science


The knowledge generation seeking its main goal the excellence in quality. In this regard, the program aims to:

– To stimulate the training of researchers with solid and integrative training based on the core and research groups in action, enabling them to carry out research of a high scientific and technological level, to autonomously produce knowledge of quality and to enable them to form human resources in researchings and teaching.

– Training of teaching staff for higher education institutions and school hospitals, with critical capacity for reading of literature, data acquisition and interpretation.

– Systematic production of high quality, with institutional link, in periodicals of international circulation.

– Construction of integrative research projects in the different areas of knowledge.


Concentration Area

Human health

Convergence of epidemiological, clinical, experimental and observational research related to conditions and life′s quality, and to the promotion and harms of human health

Research Lines

– Etiopathogenesis and immunopathology of inflammatory and infectious processes

Miro-organism interaction and immune system. Study of molecular, cellular and inflammatory response bases in humans and experimental models. Use of immunohistochemical and molecular methods in clinical diagnosis.

– Developmental and aging diseases

Study of the processes related to etiopathogenesis, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, risk factors and prophylaxis of human reproductive, genetically determined and chronic degenerative diseases. Investigation of clinical, laboratory, immunohistochemical, anatomopathological and molecular manifestations of neoplasms.


– Neuroscience

Study of the functions of the nervous system and the superior cortical functions and the neuromuscular system with the degenerative and hereditary affections and their interfaces with their neurophysiological, clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic aspects.

– Promotion of human health and its interfaces with quality of life

Study of initiatives related to the development of the promotion of human health, healthy aging, quality of life conditions, and investigation of health risk factors. Observational population study and intervention in the investigation of health problems.

– Laboratory investigation in the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases

Study of the processes related to laboratory investigation in the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.